Dr.Sujata Chavan

About the Author

Educational Qualification:
BSc. MA, MSW. PGDip (Human Rights) PhD (LAW), India.
Professional Experience :
1. Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
Asst. Professor - (November 2013-Present)
2. TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
Head of Social Work Department -(November 1886 - September 1889)
3. Pediatrics Dept., KEM Hospital, Mumbai
Medical Social Worker-(May 1983 - January 1984)
Speech Therapy for Cleft Lip and/or Cleft Palate Published in 1986. Various Booklets written by her are as given below. 1. Role of Medical Social Worker in a Hospital Setup (1986)
2. Therapies for Cancer Patients (1988)
3. Family Court - Act and Procedure (1993)
4. Role of Marriage Counsellor in a Judicial Setup (1993)
5. Saptapadi (Marathi) on Premariage Counselling (2011)
6. Dos and Don’ts for Parents with Matrimonial Disputes (2013)
Dr.Sujata Chavan